AMC Machining is a third generation, family owned and operated company with a 60-year history of servicing the needs of the manufacturing industry and its customers.

AMC Machining’s roots started in the late 1950’s as Precision Industrial Commercial Manufacturing (PIC), a maker of fine pitch gears for the defense industry. PIC also made a line of consumable parts that were used in the printing industry and quickly established itself for its ability to craft quality printing press parts. 

Always evolving and discovering ways to increase quality and efficiency, PIC purchased its first CNC machines in the 1980s to better meet the needs of their customers. Soon the demands for job shop and contract CNC machining brought new opportunity for growth, and with PIC’s expertise, experience, and stellar reputation, it expanded into the high-tech manufacturing market and the increasing need for precision parts. 

In 2006 PIC sold its product line of printing press parts but kept its manufacturing plant and CNC machining business. The companies name was changed to AMC Machining. 

In the pursuing years, AMC Machining has grown rapidly and continued to reinvest by purchasing the highest quality CNC machines available. New machines required more space, and in 2014 AMC Machining moved into a new 25,000 square foot temperature-controlled facility to house the over 50 CNC machines and a state-of-the-art inspection lab.

Today AMC Machining continues to expand so we can exceed our customers' expectations whether they are looking for a few parts or a few hundred thousand parts.